Therapy & Recovery

Precision exercise for Therapy and Recovery

Salaso is an online, mobile application used by healthcare providers and clinicians. It educates and supports patients in performing their prescribed exercises, whether as an in-patient in hospital or outside of the clinical setting, e.g. at home.

Salaso enables healthcare organisations and management teams to increase the capacity of physical rehabilitation services and implement a holistic model of patient care. It provides every patient with access to a personalized exercise program designed to enhance recovery and improve health and wellbeing.

Salaso's care management platform hosts over 2000 evidence-based videos and researched exercise protocols that are beneficial for a variety of injuries, conditions and disease states.

Adds capacity in physical rehabilitation and therapy services, reduces waiting lists and enhances value-based care initiatives.

Enables hospitals to provide cutting edge exercise rehabilitations services across multiple disease states.

Provides clinical outcomes data for the hospital eco-system following delivery of care to the patients.

Empowers patients to be actively engaged and take charge of their own path to recovery.

Promotes standardized core strategy across clinical departments and services lines, enabling best practice delivery of prescribed exercises.

Increases touchpoints with patients, while reducing costs for providers.

"It has been my pleasure to work on several research and clinical projects with Aoife and her team at Salaso. Their stand out professionalism combined with a personal approach sets the standard for how professional interactions should be conducted in my opinion. The quality, flexibility and functioning of their software has no rival; the support and commitment to usability on their part including on-site teaching and seamless integration with existing IT provision makes their product the perfect solution to exercise instruction and planning."

"Salaso is absolutely excellent! The videos and descriptions are top quality, my patients love it and they are seeing the benefits. I would recommend this to any physiotherapist involved in sports rehabilitation"

A member of the Salaso team will be in touch with you within 1 working day to arrange a suitable date for you.